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It's the guy who makes those Mario/Splatoon GMOD videos.


Here's a shout-out to :iconcrossycrosstic:
She makes amazing artworks and deserve attention. I recommend checking out her work :3
Official Rex Profile
Full Name: Rex Draco
Nickname: REX Legend
Age: 17
Species: Inkling
Eye Color: Blue
Headgear: Retro Specs
Clothing: White Inky Rider
Shoes: Purple Hi-Horses
Personality: Big hearted and fierce
Love Interest: Nicole(Girlfriend)
Family: Primarina(Pet)
Likes: Video games, Nicole, sleeping, eating, friends
Dislikes: Annoyance, raging, people arguing
Occupation: Youtuber
Weapon of Choice: N-ZAP 85. Temporarily uses rollers
Bio: Rex is a big hearted warrior who is easily recognized as a popular youtuber. Merely interested in his fame, Rex prefers to hang out with his friends and his girlfriend. Rex can be quite frightening when he gets angered, but he uses his strong anger to take advantage in battles just to be more intimidating and powerful. Rex isn't a bad guy who gets angry easily, he's really friendly, charming and humorous. Rex also has a highly loyal Primarina with him.
Facts: -Rex can actually see without his glasses. He wears them for looks
-Rex mostly prefers to have his tentacles down
Legendary Hairstyle
Imagine unlocking this hairstyle in Splatoon 2 when you reached max rank. This is also a hairstyle idea for Splatoon 2. It may look over-designed but hey, this should be rare to get in Splatoon 2 since it looks so awesome. Also, me wearing the Octo-Tee is not a official redesign, it just temporary.
Octo Stars
Here's a neat poster for one of the octolings I really adore ;3

Sakura Moonlight


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fnafplayer64 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student General Artist
Hey I found​ your girlfriend who looks really intelligent 😄
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